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The #1 Online Class to Learn Stock Investing

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It's Like Having Your Own Personal Professor.

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At Wall Street College we are excited to bring you the ONLY course you will ever need to Learn How Stock Investing Works.

Have fun learning how the stock market works and how you can quickly start performing trades on your own. 

Take advantage of the most powerful tools and videos we offer to guide you step-by-step through the process. 

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It covers the same and more content found in most leading college investing classes- at a fraction of the cost.


What if Your Money Could Work For You?

Stocks have proven to be the best vehicle to make your money grow over time. 

If you have been missing out on the enormous opportunity stocks bring, it's time to start learning. 

Value of a 1$ on the long-term

The Class Overview


Built to be Taken Everywhere

Built to be Taken Everywhere

Wall Street College has crafted the most powerful and easy to follow E-book and it's Audio version, built to be taken on the road.

Take advantage of one of our best features to help you learn the content faster.

Learn how to start investing in the stock market everywhere

even when you are at the gym...

It's never been easier to start learning.  

You will Learn...

  • Investment Theory
  • How to Start Investing (Videos Included)
  • How to Value Stocks
  • Investment Strategies
  • Take Quizzes 
  • And so much more..
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Mr Wall Street
New York Stock Exchange Composites Transactions

Interactive Features

Simply click or hover your mouse over the "spot bubbles" and unlock interactive features to help you study.

This feature is available through most of the images in the class and in our blog posts. 

Downloadable Content

Members get to make the best use of our downloadable tools we offer. 

Everything from Power Point presentations to pre-made Excel Spreadsheets ready to help you become a better investor. 

Downloadable Content

Unique in the world

Pay once and receive life-long tips and updates.

With the lifetime warranty as Wall Street College Super VIP you receive 5 to 7 stock tips per year. Every time we publish an update of this tip, you will receive this report free of charge.

This subscription is unique in the world.

Earn Points Every Time you Take a Class

Make it fun

Earn your Badge

Track Your Points.

Members can keep track of their points and achievements they have earned by taking the investments class.

Compete against other members and challenge yourself to rank in top places.

"You are not just competing and keeping score, but you learning while at it" - Frank Alvarez (Founder)

Earn your Badge

Earn badges during the course of your class, by unlocking achievements. Make it fun and unlock them all. 

Track your achievement badges in the "Achievements" tab on top of the page or by clicking HERE

Track Your Points Discover our FREE Stock Tip

What Our Members Have to Say...


“The Course does a great job introducing us to the basics of investing”

“I feel like I’m ready now to start investing.”

“Now that I have taken the course, I think I understand enough to give investing a try!”

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  • Audio Book Download
  • E-book  ($29.99 value)
  • *BONUS: Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

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Wall Street College VIP
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  • Unlimited Access to Classes
  • Access to Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Free Support
  • Audio Book Download
  • E-book  ($29.99 value)
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
  • ACCESS to our STOCK TIPS with lifetime guarantee for updates * (Pay once and receive life-long tips and updates)

* Wall Street College VIP

The most amazing thing about the Wall Street College VIP is you’ll never have to pay again to receive new stock tips. We hope to publish 5 to 7 new tips every year. Once paid, you’ll always get on board.

Even when we publish an update on an existing stock tip, you’ll get it … FOR FREE.

This subscription is unique in the world. Pay ONCE and receive ALWAYS the latest news.


Should you have any questions regarding the course and it's options don't hesitate to send us an E-mail by completing the form. 

Thank you.


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