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I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your stock investment needs. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

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SearchResearch (EDGAR) – This is the Security Exchange Commission website. You will find 10-k, 10-Q filing from all the companies listed in the market. This is an incredible tool for your stock research because of the complete transparency in the financials and prospects of a company.

Trefis – This webpage helps you understand how a company’s product impact it’s stock price. Trefis helps you answer questions such as “What % of Apple’s stock price is iPhones? (Q: Is it 5%, 25%, or 50%?), What % of Dell’s stock price is Dell Notebooks? “ The webpage gives you a unique analysis of a company’s upside and downside potential. Trefis also gives you their stock price prediction of your searched company.

FINVIZ–  FINVIZ offers the fastest and the most advanced stock screener available online, interactive markets maps, innovative market analysis and institutional services.

 Vuru.Co – This is the easiest and most interactive tool out there for valuating a company’s stock. This website is suited for beginner to experience investors. The website provides strong and accurate valuations of companies in an interactive and descriptive way.

DataRoma – Where you can find what insiders are buying in real time. See what billionaires out there are buying and selling.

IStock Research – Provides their members with the best stock valuation methodology and allow them to calculate online intrinsic values of U.S. common stocks using automatically-fed financial data on individual stocks and a set of changeable assumptions.

Yahoo Finance– is one of the most respected and easy to use research websites out there. Yahoo Finance is easy to use and carries incredibly accurate financials from companies listed in the markets.

Morning Star– Morningstar provides data on approximately 422,000 investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds, and similar vehicles, along with real-time global market data on more than 9 million equities, indexes, futures, options, commodities, and precious metals.


Bank serviceStock Brokers





Compare them all in our Stockbroker’s Comparison Chart HERE


StatsStock Charts:

Wall Street College Chart- Our page shows you a real-time chart of the stock of your choice with detailed information, to help you keep track on your investments.  Everything is intuitive and easy to use, just open the page and start charting.

Stockcharts – If you like technical analysis or consider yourself a chartist, then you will enjoy these free chart tools provided in this webpage.


WebStock Talk (Major)

Seeking Alpha– Seeking Alpha is one of the most popular financial blogs out there providing financial data and editorial reviews. The articles featured in the site can be most of the time personal opinions, but they can be great ideas worth doing your homework for.

The Motley Fool– Whether it’s analyzing the latest earnings reports or helping investors find the next home run stock, the fool will provide you helpful articles to aid you in your investing.

The Street– Co-Founded by Jim Cramer, the host of the show Mad Money, from CNBC. This website’s mission is to provide the most actionable ideas from the world of investing, finance and business in order to break down information barriers level the playing field and help all individuals and organizations grow their wealth.

Bloomberg– Bloomberg calls itself “The leader in financial news”. I personally love this website because I find Bloomberg as one of the most trust worthy market news and data providers out there.

Market Watch– tracks the pulse of markets for engaged investors, and provides you insightful news and articles on stocks.

The Wall Street Journal– This newspaper doesn’t need any introduction. The WSJ is by far the king of financial news, with some of the most reputable financial editors working for it. The advancements of 21st century technology, gives you the advantage of reading the newspaper online. They also promote their magazine “Barrons” which also provides insightful information out there.


XLSXValuation Spreadsheets

Old School Value– The Old School Value’s spreadsheets let you analyze and value stocks within minutes. The spreadsheet Automatically downloads full sets of financial data, ratios and crunches complex valuations, for you within seconds.

Damodaran– If you like performing your stock valuations yourself, then this professor from NYU can help. Prof Damodaran, has a list of spreadsheets ready to download with their complex formulas already integrated. (These spreadsheets require some financial background)


FavoriteBest Investment Books

Wall Street College Investment Basics E-Book (Coming Soon)

The intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil

Value Investing: Graham to Buffett and Beyond by Greenwald

The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing by Jason Kelly 

One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch

Security Analysis Sixth Edition: by Benjamin Graham

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


*Check out our Review for each of the books HERE


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WeatherBlogs on their way up

Old School Value Blog: Jae Jun has become one of the most authoritative voices out there, when it comes to value investing. This blog is full of useful advice and tutorials to help you value your stocks. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter if you like to read useful articles on investing.

Caffeinated Money: This blog is starting up by Kent McCarty, college student with the purpose of making personal finances more clear and the stock market less horrifying. In this blog you can find unique articles and some answers to your personal finance questions.

Money Mamba: JT provides some of the most incredible and detail posts out there, mainly concerning with personal finances. He believes that ideas should be told with hard data and less words. In this blog you can find anything finance related to help your wallet grow.

Stockodo– Dustin Small gives you valuable contents in value investing techniques, strategies, and most importantly free tutorials to help you reach a better understanding of the stock market.

Shares and Stock Markets: David helps investors via hard won lessons, case studies and write-ups to reach a better understanding on how to invest. David shows what works for him and what doesn’t when it comes to investing all of this done in a complete transparent way.

KrantCents: As the blog title subheading states, KrantCents simply makes sense of money. You can find interesting articles from investments to lifestyle and personal finance. Is an up and coming blog worth giving it a shot.

The College Investor – Robert Farrington provides a Stock Market Course to teach you how to open and fund your investment account so that you start investing today. Make sure to check out his educational blog posts too.


SpeakerInvesting Podcasts on ITunes

Motley Fool Money– Found on the iTunes Store. Motley Fool Money is hosted every Friday and talks about the market in summary. I like the Motley Fool Money podcast because it always brings interesting topics about the market and gives you excellent stock recommendations. In this podcast you will also find entertaining interviews with several book authors and investors.

S&A investment Research– S&A podcast also brings you an insightful summary on what happens in the market. I find Frank Curzio’s educational segment at the end of the show to be of extreme value if you have a passion for investing.

Value Investing- Value Investing lacks the professional audio technology the top shows present, but John Mijaljevic brings you some of the best value investors out there to talk about their investing strategies. This podcast is one of the most educational podcasts I have ever listened too.



Websites to learn how to invest

Wall Street College’s Investment Class – Leading Free investing education resource out there.

The Fool Education

The College Investor – Robert Farrington provides a Stock Market Course to teach you how to open and fund your investment account so that you start investing today. Make sure to check out his educational blog posts too.

iPhone Applications for Stock Junkies

Check out our post Top 10 iPhone applications for Stock Junkies for a detailed review on the IPhone applications.


DownloadWall Street College’s Downloadable Content

We have managed to make it easier for you.

Investor’s Check List (Free, just pay with a Tweet or Facebook like)

Download, print or share the Investor’s Check List to see what tests All Star Investment Guru’s put their stocks to the test before buying.

As seen in this article: HERE


Download, print or share Valuation Formulas to help you valuate your stocks

As seen on Wall Street College’s Free Investment’s Class.


Download, print or share our Present Value Table to help you calculate the present Value of investments.


Way more to come!!

Thank you for reading and please let us know if we are missing something resourceful by commenting below.


*Disclaimer: Some of the links provided may contain affiliate incentives for the webpage. Wall Street College does not recommend any service or webpage for the sole purpose of monetization. The recommendations above are personal recommendations made for the sole purpose of financial enrichment by individuals. If you wish to contribute to WallStCollege’s mission due proceed to acquire the paid services or items listed above.

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