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Wall Street College VIP Stock Tip #1 (Free Tip)

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. We are buying more and more online. We are leaving our doors for fewer and fewer stores. And although this trend has been going on for years, the end is far from in sight. E-commerce still only makes up a minority of our consumer economy. Our stock tip therefore has the advantage of being active for years to come in this fast-growing sector.

When we think about e-commerce, we often think of Amazon. When we talk about e-commerce in China, the name of Alibaba usually rolls over the lips. But there is a lot more in the world than Amazon and Alibaba. With Stock Tip #1 we have even found one of the most undervalued e-commerce giants in the world. Who wanted to invest in the Amazon 10 years ago, can invest in Stock Tip #1.

Wall Street College VIP Stock Tip #2 (Members only)

Oil prices have returned to a level not seen in the last three years. The price for 1 barrel of Brent oil recently reached $ 70 per barrel again. This is no less than 200% higher than the lowest point 2 years ago. It should not be a surprise, that penalized and undervalued oil sectors are crawling out of the woods.

VIP Stock Tip #2 has a Price/DCF less then 8 hence a sector average of 13. The Enterprise Value more than $ 50 billion or two times the current value.

15 consecutive years dividend increase

11% dividend yield

50% upside potential

One of the favorite stocks from T. Boone Pickens 

Wall Street College VIP Stock Tip #3 (Members only)

The stock we are presenting today is a typical example of short-term negative thinking among investors while the company can create (a lot of) value in the long term. We like to use this.

The car industry is going through enormous change with the switch to electric, autonomous driving, the rise of Uber, ... but this company will only benefit from it.

This company produces a crucial component that must be present in all cars.


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