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What Twitter’s Engineers Learned About Personal Finance (Presentation)

What Twitter’s Engineers Learned About Personal Finance (Presentation)

What Twitter’s Engineers Learned About Personal Finance (Presentation)

Back in October 2013 Adam Nash from Wealthfront gave a presentation to Twitter’s Engineers about personal finance. With it’s recent IPO and the addition of RSU’s (Restricted Stock Units) into their yearly bonuses, there couldn’t be a better way to educate Twitter employees than to bring a professional give a presentation about personal finances. 

In this presentation Adam Nash tries to explain that inventing can play several behavioral tricks on a person.

Since many of the Twitter Engineers are math geniuses, they try to quantify and make sense of everything by being rational… even though they are acting irrationally when it comes to investing.

Adam Nash presents an introductory, albeit compelling presentation that serves as a reminder to keep our personal finances sharp.

Watch the presentation below and let me know what you think in a comment below. 


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Written by Francisco

Frank is the Founder of Wall Street College and a dedicated stock investor. Having an enormous passion for Investing, Stocks, and Success, Frank decided to start WallStCollege.com with the purpose of educating people on how to put their money to work, teach them how to invest in stocks, and how to always strive for Financial Freedom.


  1. WEL @firstqfinance · 15 August, 2014

    Yep, I agree with everything I read in the slides. Basic information but that basic information will make a person rich if followed.
    WEL @firstqfinance recently posted…How to MAKE Money with Back-to-School ShoppingMy Profile

    • Frank Alvarez · 17 August, 2014

      Wel, I agree with your comment as Benjamin Graham said “investing is simple, but not easy”. I think what most people find trouble with is themselves. Investing can get a little emotional sometimes and most of us find it hard to leave out emotions aside and stick to the numbers. I thought it was a great presentation as well.

      Thanks for commenting

  2. Judy Charlotte · 19 August, 2014

    That’s great to know about Twitter engineers.
    Judy Charlotte recently posted…rubyweightloss.comMy Profile

  3. Kathryn Dilligard · 22 December, 2014

    Is that course affordable though?
    Kathryn Dilligard recently posted…http://www.thesiteowl.comMy Profile

  4. Christopher James · 7 January, 2015

    Yeah. Everyone should learn personal finance. It’s a must.
    Christopher James recently posted…roulette free betsMy Profile

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